I Got It From My Mama

Recent reasons I love my mom so much:
Insisting I study abroad this summer
Taking care of my 16 year old dog while I'm away
Making me the most gorgeous bedspread after I bought a random role of fabric
Teaching me how to bead
Letting me choose my own apartment
2 words: care packages!

I could go on but what it boils down to is how much time and effort she puts into just being a mom. I don't live at home, in fact I haven't lived at home in 2 years, and yet she is always going out of her way to make sure everything in MY life is going smoothly. We have the most humorous and sarcastic relationship, but I never hesitate to say in all seriousness "I love you mama." :)

We're heading up to Solvang for a day of shopping and danish pastries. Yum!