Channeling My Inner Abroad Style

Alright, I have about a week before I need to transform myself from summer beach bum to European traveler. And so far, that picture above is exactly how my packing is going.

Sweden is warm, temperatures in the high 60's, but it's also rainy. So, I need some help putting together some fashionable and savvy outfits! Once again, I'm asking all my favorite fashion bloggers to recommend some awesome looks on their blogs or in my comments for me! You're responses to my camera post were so helpful!

Oh and SHOES. I basically own flip flops and heels with 2 pairs of boots. I need normal shoes! I don't want tennis shoes and I'm not sure I want flats...help!

Lauren Conrad is one of my style icons, so her fashion is serving as one of my main sources of inspiration. I'll be reading her style book right after I post!

My Staples:

My Inspirations:

 Especially looking for a good one of these:
Her packing lists make it seem so easy: