Paris. In the 20's. In the Rain.

I recently went to see the new Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris. My parents insisted it was right up my alley and even though it wasn't the best movie I have ever seen, the fun of Owen Wilson interacting with artists of the 1920's was priceless. Basically the premise is that Gil (Owen) is a Hollywood writer than finds more than just Parisian inspiration for his attempt at a real novel during his vacation in France. He finds a time warp that takes him back to the times of Fitzgerald, Stein, and Picasso, discovering the past of literary geniuses and artists alike. In the end, he can't imagine living anywhere else than the city that inspired the greatest art we still hold in the highest of reverence.

The casting was wonderful. So I decided to look up the original photos of all the featured artists just to compare and I couldn't help but catch myself adding the personalities I watched on the big screen to these historical faces. It's hard to believe such gifted minds could have such common interactions, but the movie gave a more revealing and intimate look at the idea.

Look at all the artists they managed to include! All the favorites and a few more obscure, but likely to become new favorites as soon as I do some catching up with their work.

   Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Tolkas

                               Josephine Baker

Luis Bunel

                              Salvador Dali

Djuna Barnes

                                   Man Ray

Henri Matisse

            Pablo Picasso

Paul Gauguin

                                                T.S. Eliot

Ernest Hemingway

(Is he a catch or what?)