So happy to be home and on summer vacation! Finally all my readers can look forward to new posts :)

This morning I was able to actually attend a Porsche Club meeting...which I usually miss out on because I'm either away at school or working on Saturday mornings. But the Porsche Club of America: Santa Barbara Region always delivers with the most beautiful cars and I look forward to breakfast each month. I guess I'm technically only a temporary member since my membership exists vicariously through my dad's. (You have to actually own a Porsche to be a member.) But as long as I can plan and attend events, write articles, and salivate over all the pristine pieces of mechanic craftsmanship, I'm happy!

In September, my dad and I will be leading a tour to James Dean's memorial site, so I'll also keep everyone posted as that comes along! Meanwhile here are photos from our monthly breakfast and meeting on the Santa Barbara Pier. Remember, its not Porsch, it's Porsch-UH :)

(My dad is also a Sally Carrera fanatic. He's planning an entire drive just to the premiere of Cars 2!)