Abroad & Below: Let's Play Freeze Tag

July 7th

On our way to Stockholm we stopped to visit Nils, the husband of Gulland who I mentioned passing away a few years back. At 95, we were a little worried about Nils health as well but we were pleasantly surprised when a smiling old man opened the door beaming with excitement and shuffled us in for coffee and donuts. He is still in extremely good health and even still drives his own car! He brought out old photos of Gulland and he told us how much he misses her. Most of his friends have already passed away and even though has made a few new relations with neighbors, he says it is this empty apartment that brings him down the most. The memories and the memorabilia are tough for him to cope with all day. It was a short visit since we were on our way to Stockholm, but as he watched and waved from the balcony as we drove away, I admire Nils so much. His eyes are so passionate about the life he shared with Gulland and he is holding onto it in the best way he knows how. There’s something so endearing about everlasting love, probably because its such a special find. 

We finally arrived at the Forslund’s summer stuga, just outside Stockholm. We were welcomed to a neighborhood dinner by the lake, complete with wine and my first taste of Swedish “punch.” It felt just like a family barbeque on the beach except the sunset is substituted by an ever-present sun glistening over the still water. It sufficed to say the least. Their stuga has an amazing view as well, along with picturesque outdoor seating that I will probably spend all day tomorrow in. It’s exactly what I have been waiting for.