Abroad & Below: Long Summer Nights

July 5th
I didn’t think I would remember the Liljeholm’s “stuga,” or summerhouse. It wasn’t until I walked along the little grass path towards the beach that I knew I had been there before. I remember running from the beach back to the house along the same path after jumping off the pier into the warm water. This time of year almost all Swedes migrate to the summerhouses since they are given a 5 or 6 week “semester,” or vacation. They usually stay at the summerhouse until the rain comes and then head back to the city until another sunny forecast is given. Their stuga is a simple house with only bedrooms and one large common room. All activities are done outside and the children run around reminiscing of midsummer celebrations while planning their next outdoor adventure.

Today we fell asleep on a floating stand in the middle of the lake, waiting for the clouds to roll in and send us home. Inevitably, they came and we went inside to collect our things. Karina handed me their guestbook, flipping to our last entry on August 11th, 2004. We had enjoyed a day just like today. Looks like stugas offer the best of summer simplicity, year after year.