Northern Women in Chanel

If you remember one of my travel diary entries from Sweden, I visited Fotografiska in Stockholm. (You can find the original post here.) There were many featured photographers in the museum, but Peter and Ingela Klementz Farago's "Northern Women in Chanel" was my absolute favorite. The models were hand-picked and the fashion was notorious. Each photograph had its own personality, portraying the perfect environments and schemes for both famous features. Of course fashion editorials have already come such a far way in their ability to tell stories and touch audiences, but it's the history of these Chanel pieces that made this exhibit exceptionally infamous. I searched online and found a few of my favorite shots, the very first one being the print I wish they had sold in poster size! I did buy the title poster-shot though! It's framed and ready to hang on the wall of my new apartment in September. These photos are a  perfect reminder of how influential one brand and one name can be over an entire industry and public. They also just released a gorgeous book featuring the entire line of photographs and outfits on July 1st. I added a link at the end of the post, knowing my readers could peruse these pages for hours just like I could! Thank you Farago's!

Buy the book here!