Abroad & Below: Cheers to British Beer and Brick Lane

August 6th, 2011

Welcome to London everybody, first stop: The Great British Beer Festival. Even though orientation kept us from full day of beer, cider, and ale, we managed to arrive at the festival with two hours to spare. I bought a pint glass and started making rounds. The festival was actually fairly large, taking up the entire Earl’s Court Convention Center and spacing out booths by region and beer type. I “sampled” a few half-pints and then we all sat down with our favorites to sip until they closed up.

Of course you can count on a beer festival to be where you make your first English friends, our group welcoming 3 guys to our table who were searching for a place to rest their beer bellies. Stew, Adam, and David were happy to talk to us about the entire range of British and American stereotypes, obviously laughing at some of our politics while envying our weather and Las Vegas madness. Needless to say our group hit it right off.

Once we did get kicked out of the festival’s closing doors, they offered to take us to London’s infamous Brick Lane where all Indian food and hell breaks loose. Stew negotiated a deal with the doorman of Masala and we were able to pick a drink, a starter, an entrĂ©e, and rice or bread for just 10 pounds. We were there for quite some time, continuing our festival conversations and gathering all the local tips. What could be considered a more successful festival day then taking it into the night?

Somewhere along the way home we did lose Stew (probably due to 4 or 5 Cobras), but we also managed to hold onto Adam’s phone number in hopes of a football game of pub reunion. :)