Abroad & Below: Oxford Street Style

August 8th, 2011

I realized today how spoiled we are in America to have shops like Forever 21 and websites like GoJane.com, which imitate all the latest trends for affordable costs. Meanwhile in London, fashion is starting all those trends. Can you believe their Forever 21 just opened on July 27th? London street fashion is amazing. Browsing stores like TopShop, Mango, and Zara, its no wonder these women look fabulous even on the tube. Of course it’s not really sensible for me to spend so much money on clothes with the current exchange rate, but I would love to bring home so many souvenirs for my closet. Browsing Oxford Street today, I was sure to take tabs on trends I know I can look forward to embracing once I’m back home. In fact I think I need to overcome my fear of creepiness and start taking real photographs of fierce fashion instead of mental pictures that will probably be forgotten with time.

Hopefully Camden and Portobello Market will offer me some unique finds and deals. Of course I will share all I find later on!