Abroad & Below: Winning London

August 5th, 2011

After patiently dreaming for two quarters, Jessica and I are finally on our way to London! We endured a 13-hour trip via plane and airport layovers but we finally emerged from the Holborn tube-stop with just as much anticipation as when we first arrived at the airport. And first things first, we dropped off our luggage and collected a group to head to the pubs. Luckily The Kingsley Hotel is centrally located and we were able to browse bars after dinner and drinks at The Plough. Then we stumbled upon Molly Moggs, a small pub celebrating “Diva Night” with karaoke and dancing. Not only was Elvis there, but our group also impersonated Madonna, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, and Moulin Rouge. I’m pretty sure once you karaoke with someone there is no turning back towards strangers, so cheers to our little UCLA travel study group. Considering we started out with a bang, I have a feeling we have an exciting month of adventures to look forward to.