22 Candles

My 22nd birthday is this Wednesday. Or, as I like to call it, the 1st anniversary of my 21st birthday. Why is it that there is no landmark ages after 21 except for the imposed "Over the Hill?" As if anyone is even looking forward to their 50th...unless, of course, they've been keeping a list of senior discounts throughout the years. And even though I have a bit of anxiety about entering into the decade that will probably define the rest of my future, I have hope that my lucky number 22 will make this year especially memorable.

So I've embraced my 22nd. I can't wait to celebrate in the city! Here are the birthday week highlights, to be shared with my boyfriend, my family, and all my closest friends that are giving up part of their Thanksgiving weekend just for me :)

seriously all I really want for my birthday

an outing to the LA Auto Show

 Murs at the House of Blues

Thanksgiving makes for a delicious birthday pumpkin pie

and cocktails with the girls at The Watermark this weekend