Trading Spaces

You know that scene in 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigl is registering her sister for wedding presents and has to remind the cynical newspaper reporter that none of these home goods are simply home goods? A vase  is not just a vase; it's where she will put the flowers her husband brings home "just because." A casserole dish is not just a dish; it's the dish that will be served at family dinners and filled with traditional recipes. Any item becomes representative of how life revolves and functions.

I love this scene. It reminds me that everything functions within its own meaning and everything has the ability to transform. Yesterday in my London Theater class we were discussing the architecture of The Globe Theater. Navigating through the separate structures, my professor pointed out the specificity of the balcony. "It can be the outlining walls of a city or Juliet's bedroom," he said. Instantly my mind wandered off into deliberations of spaces that transform, not just objects. I'm constantly caught browsing through interior design magazines and I certainly have tried a seemingly endless about of times to rearrange my own room. It seems all I do is dream of my own houses, where I designate spaces for writing, reading, gardening, and coffee. I bookmark rod-iron benches, bookshelves, and larger than life dinner tables. I get so excited that I will have areas that harbor such functions that I don't even realize the spaces that surround me right now.

Then just today I was laying out on my apartment roof top and I realized that I shouldn't be waiting to designate these spaces in my own house. Sure, I share a 2BR/2BA with three other girls, but the roof was completely empty. There were lounge chairs, a cabana table, and a balcony view of our little Westwood corner. Maybe this didn't have to be the chair I use to tan, maybe it can be the chair where I wrote something fantastic, where discussed topics with my best friends, and where I read my new favorite book. As much as I want to get out of LA, maybe this is just the space I need. Because its never just what it seems, anything could potentially harbor or trigger one of the most romantic memories.

Today the sun on my back felt better than anything else could. Ben Harper said it best, "she's only happy in the sun." Today my sun was beating onto a simple roof. The roof became a creative space and I gained just the optimism I needed. I'm kinda contemplating sleeping up there one night...just to turn something basic into something beautiful.