Zooey Magazine: "Gillian Zinser presents Boho Acid"

I can't believe I forgot to post my article for Zooey Magazine! This was my first assignment and having watched Gillian as Ivy on 90210, I was already head over heels for her surfer-chic style. The article and full spread is only available in print, but I provided a sneak peek here!

East coast native, Gillian Zinser, has had to indulge in all things California since her first appearance as 90210's Ivy Sullivan in 2009. Since then, Gillian has not only become a regular cast member, but also an envied fashion emblem. Zooey Magazine was lucky enough to feature this actress that transcends her style from the street to the catwalk, always producing unique and flawless outfits.

Having played a quintessential surfer girl for almost four years now, Gillian has deemed Chuck Taylors, floppy hats, daisy dukes, denim jackets, and muumuu's as California classics. Of course she has also narrowed down some favorite bikini brands, including Undrest, Missoni, and American Apparel, from all the time she spends filming on the beach. And while Gillian may not spend as much free time in bikinis as Ivy does, she has still come to identify with her character's style. "We're both very confident in our expression. Neither of us take fashion too seriously...we're just two wayward, slightly offbeat spirits who aren't afraid to be comfortable in our own skin and throw on whatever feels good without putting much thought into it!" she says. And for someone who looks to icons such as Patti Smith, Annie Hall, and even Pocahontas for style inspiration, Gillian's statement certainly speaks to the truth.

Also influenced by the 1960's and 1990's, Gillian relies on her mood and imagination rather than "flow"  when assembling outfits that embrace clash, chaos, and spontaneity. Often throwing together all the pieces she loves, Gillian admits her Vera Wang motorcycle boots are always in rotation, whether she's camping or strutting the red carpet. "I'll wear those things every day 'till the heels fall off," she raves. Other than that, Gillian is also currently partial to old overalls, fanny packs, and "rad socks."

"I guess I don't really think in terms of 'outfits,'" our star admits. And while 90210 may be seen as an exemplary fashion platform for countless viewers, Gillian tends to stick to her own whims and creations. Her originality is a fresh spark among the stars, not to mention another reason Gillian's fans can't wait for each and every one of her appearances, on-screen and off.

Photographer: Dawn DiCarlo
Stylist: Steph Ashmore
Hair: Nikki Providence for Moroccan Oil (Jed Root)
Makeup: Michelle Mungcal for Smashbox Cosmetics (Atelier Management)
Manicure: Michelle Saunders for Essie (Celestine Agency)

Interview by Tori Bodin