Quality of Living

Sometimes things come up that put a damper or postponement on certain dreams. Dynamics change and the ideal you once highlighted has to adjust accordingly for the time being. But I've come to realize that this doesn't mean your total quality of living has to change just because there are other aspects that are going to require extra support. You may not be exactly where you thought you would be, but you can create an oasis wherever you are.

These past couple days I have put together a perfect combination of calm within the eye of a storm. I made the time to escape down to Shoreline Park and create a haven for myself without cost or complication. With a few of my favorite things, everything else outside my personal space suddenly feels manageable. All I need is natural surroundings, a journal, and some good music to work as my muse. Within minutes I felt not only collected and optimistic, but in touch with my aspirations again.

I understand it can be difficult to make time for yourself and even more difficult if you feel selfish for doing so. But today I realized that you aren't helping anyone if you hold that help against them. You have to make sure you keep yourself in sight no matter how clouded your vision may become. I want to be a giving person and I want to step up into a role no one else can fill. It might not be easy, but it does make deserving days like today seem even more magical.

And I'm all one for magic. I wouldn't pay money to be anywhere else.