Have A Holly Jolly Oyster

I finally made it to the infamous Jolly Oyster! With a sunny afternoon free in Ventura, it was the perfect combination of a beach day and a picnic. If you don't know about The Jolly Oyster, it's a local stand at the State Beach that sells fresh oysters and clams for just $1! Both are sold unshucked and uncooked, but that's half the fun :)

We put together a little oyster kit before we head down to the beach, including a washcloth, tabasco sauce, lemons, and our impromptu oyster knife: a flathead screwdriver. We ordered almost two dozen oysters, a combination of the small and sweet Kumamoto oyster and the large and salty Pacific. While we had never actually shucked an oyster before, the staff was incredibly helpful to show us the proper (and often patient) way to crack them open:

First, wedge the knife into the lip of the oyster. Move it left and right until you break into the shell.

Then you can twist the knife as to open the shell.

Then scrape the knife along the top of the shell, cutting off the "foot" and any other connecting parts before separating the shells.


We dressed our oysters with a lot of lemon and a couple dashes of tabasco. Next time I would love to add some minced garlic and pepper.  Our trip to The Jolly Oyster so was enjoyable, we even took a pound of clams home to make for dinner after a recipe recommendation from the staff!

More information on The Jolly Osyter can be found on my website, The 805 Enthusiast, here.