Graphic Tee DIY

I'm a big fan of graphic tees. They're as effortless as they are stylish and with each unique design, you can never have enough.

My only problem stems from finding designs I really love. So my solution, like it always is, do it myself! 

I decided to make my own graphic tee using Jolee's iron on's. I searched through my favorite novel covers and found a Fitzgerald classic I wanted to  use. (The French landscape reminds me of Santa Barbara).

It's simple to make your own graphic tee just like mine. You will need iron-on paper (I bought mine from Michaels), a plain t-shirt, a printer and an iron. 

First, print your photo or design using the instructions on the iron-on packet. Be sure to cut out any white space you don't want to be on the shirt. 

Lay out the design on the shirt, it will need to be ironed on with the color side down. 

Iron the design onto the shirt, using firm pressure. I paid close attention to the corners, since they tend to come up first. 

Wait for the paper to cool and peel back slowly. 

Ta-da! Your very own graphic tee! Style as you wish.