Great Expectations

Where do expectations come from?

Those lofty and pretentious designs.

To never feel disappointment,

That would be something.

Something we can never expect.


Blueberry Lemon Cinnamon Rolls

I recently discovered the new Stellar app for iPhone. I absolutely love the format and display of stories through this application and I immediately ran to the kitchen to create my first "story." I chose to make blueberry lemon cinnamon rolls, those of which I couldn't stop myself from having just one. 

The recipe is simple and quick, using pre-assembled rolls and a just 3 added ingredients: blueberries, lemon and sugar. Go ahead, start the coffee pot and follow the recipe on my Stellar account: here.



everything seemed so relevant then,
as if the soundtrack knew the storyline.

every motion ran fluid,
no ounce would've given oath against it.

and then one day,
you feel it.
that pit.
that stop.
that break.
and for a moment,
you wonder if this was ever your story at all.



I am a huge collector of knickknacks. I tend to find a small "something special" from the places I visit and their value is as priceless as the memory of obtaining them. Recently I've been looking for the best way to display all of these collectables without cluttering the bookcase that is currently working overtime to house them all. But with the limited space that is my room, I have to be creative.

The solution? Shelving. 
Shelves allow you display items without taking up floor space. I'd love to add floating shelves as an outer trim to my room, as well as installing some of these beautiful singular shelves to spotlight my absolute favorite pieces throughout the house. I have several DIY projects on my list...but first, I think I'll take a #shelfie.


Art Is

This window was just down the street from the house I rented with some friends in San Francisco last weekend. Not all great art hangs in museums, but you may see it hanging out in your neighborhood.