Spring Fling

I realize I haven't done as much writing with this blog as I had intended to. Time slips away so fast, especially during school, it seems to become more and more difficult to write for myself when I am always writing for class or extra-curriculars. Nonetheless, this will be my first and only spring quarter at UCLA so let's making something good out of it! If all goes as planned, I will be a college graduate this time next year...isn't that insane? I literally just transferred here and already I know how soon I will be done.

However I won't be leaving Tinseltown just yet, my plan is to enroll in two internships during next spring quarter and live it up in LA for my last months of freedom before the real world begins to set in and graduate school begins. The internships will be in two separate worlds of writing: one at a magazine and one with television scripts. I'm secretly hoping my heart sticks with magazines and it will get me back to Santa Barbara one day, but I also know how fond I am of television...

It's crazy how quickly we are expected to plan our future. If you're like me, the greatest fear is that you will lose the enjoyment for something you love once it comes work. I could write all day. But if I wasn't writing what I feel passion for, I feel that I would lose fervor. Nonetheless that is the career path I am dedicated to and hope to follow. So far the writing I have been able to do has not only inspired me but informed me. Writing is so cathartic. The expression of opinion, ideas, and imagination in an often overwhelmingly personal way. Being an English major, the response I often receive that writing is hard and boring. But that's academic writing. A research paper is literally science in comparison to a journal entry or love letter. Its feature pieces that include these emotional appeals that I am specifically drawn to. Stories about victims and heroes, industry and tradition, philanthropy and escapades out of the ordinary. Anything that will change perspectives, mold minds, and leave lasting impressions about one's lifestyle and community.

During my last internship I had lunch with stylist Patrik Milani. I told him my career hopes and plans and he insisted I begin straight to the top. "Start at Vogue," he said. "Then you can have your choice of where to end." Of course I'm not completely sure he understood the fierce competition of being offered a job at Vogue, let alone any magazine. But it was his insistence that has really stuck with me. Since then I have tried not to be discouraged by competition or experience. Because as long as you keep your foot in the door, you have just as much opportunity for success and maybe even a greater range of possibility.

Possibility, possibility. You never know. You never can predict. I'll keep you updated as I continue to find just the place I want to be. For now, I'm focusing on school, my summer of travels, and any extra writing I can devote time to. Let's do this spring, let your rays of sunshine illuminate my days :)