My Eyes Go Starry

“I’m not afraid of pop or electronic music,” Goulding says of the euphoric, dance-till-you-drop vibe of Lights, “but I also wanted the album to embrace my love for folk music, not just by my playing guitar on it, but by writing about things that have truly affected me. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am aware of how I’m feeling all the time, so it’s impossible for me to write words that are contrived or meaningless.”

Ellie Goulding cannot be matched. She's the perfect blend of folk and electronic. Quickly becoming one of my favorite artists, I look up to anyone with honest lyrics and an intimate fanbase. And she studied English in Canterbury, bonus points! Below is some of her performance I filmed at Coachella. If only I had been able to catch her show at UCSB and The MusicBox in LA before she went back to the UK...guess I will have to find her in London this summer! :)