Bellosguardo Mystery

When I first started interning at Santa Barbara Magazine, this one of the first articles that I fell in love with. I still remember it today! The story of The Clarks, a wealthy copper mining family that built estates all over the world. Overlooking East Beach, Santa Barbara has its own piece of this history with the Clark's Bellosguardo. The estate has never been sold, even though Huguette Clark (the last surviving family member) has not visited for over 50 years. The grounds have continued to be maintained to their mint condition and the whispers of Bellosguardo has been a favorite Santa Barbara mystery for years.

Huguette Clark passed away yesterday at the age of 104. The heiress's legacy and properties are left behind and I know Santa Barbara is a buzz about what will happen to the cherished estate upon the hill.

Santa Barbara Magazine released their 2009 article online here. It's a romantic read! I hate when beautiful history and intrigue like this leaves, our world today doesn't allow recluses. I dread the thought that this estate could fall into the hands of greed and exploitation. But for now I'll revel in the memory and make sure I find a spot along East Beach to stare up at the lonesome landmark with the "beautiful view."