Reasons to Cling to Kling

As I head to Sweden this summer, I can't wait to grab the third issue of StyleBy off the racks and make my way to Stockholm's enormous H&M to scope out Elin Kling's collection. Sold exclusively in Sweden starting the end of this season, I feel it is an act of fate that I will be arriving in the country shortly after. Of course I will probably have to employ some of my cousins to translate any articles I'm interested in reading, but I think most of the images will speak for themselves. Elin Kling made her way from contributing writer to fashion director through her blogs and public contributions. I'm definitely taking notes on this icon.

Elin started her career as fashion editor at the lifestyle magazine Solo and since then has been fronting the fashion department of Sweden’s second largest daily newspaper Expressen. In 2009, Kling was the head stylist for Swedish Idol, and in 2010 became a household name when she competed in Dancing with the Stars. 

Today Kling is working as Fashion Director at her own fashion magazine Styleby, founded by Sweden’s largest media-house Bonnier. She is also the first fashion blogger in the world to be launching her own collection for H&M. Elin Kling is also the founder and partner of Fashion Networks –Sweden’s largest online fashion community, which she runs together with partner Christian Remr√∂d.