Sisterly Bonding with Kristin Chenoweth

Guess who stopped by our sorority house the other night? None other than our own Gamma Phi alum, Kristin Chenoweth! Unfortunately, I was not at the house but from what I hear, we have one amazing celebrity sister. Chenoweth is fantastically funny and I love her in every movie role, especially Four Christmases. She's also beautiful on the Wicked stage and has inspired many of our sisters who work in theater. Her favorite role of mine was on Pushing Daisies, she has such a playful and eccentric personality on that show.

Anyways, the girls showed Kristin all around our house...including the framed photos we have of her in the Oak Room. She told (and tweeted!) us how much she loved being a Gamma Phi. She was even the president of Panhellenic back in her day! I'm told she's nothing short of brains and beauty, often having to answer her house phone and respond saying "I have a Masters!" when people ask if her parents are home. Her voice is obviously nothing to be embarrassed by, she blows audiences away on Broadway doesn't it? :) Thank you for stopping by Kristin! Maybe we will see you at our philanthropy event today after you sing at the Geffen?

photograph courtesy of Lauren Hom/Hom Photography :)

And read her book! Its funny and inspiring for anyone, even if you don't work on Broadway.