Abroad & Below: Artsy Collaborations

August 13th, 2011

Luckily the British Museum is a free place of interest just a block from our hotel. Jessica and I stopped by today to glance at the infamous Rosetta Stone and wander through the exhibits organized by nationality. We started with painting and prints from Australia, moved through Japan artifacts, Egyptian mummys, and Greek statues. Some of my favorite pieces included “The Boyfriend” by Fred Williams, “Performance” by George Baldessin, and “Nude No. 6” by Brett Whitely. But word of advice: do not try to maneuver through a free museum in London on a Saturday. We were pushed out of there pretty quickly, making it back to the hotel in time to catch up with the group heading to Camden.

So we adventured to Camden Market. Though some tube line closures stood in our way, we finally found our way up onto the street and into an entirely different scene than we had been observing in London. Almost like the Nor Cal of England, Camden made me feel like I was in San Francisco. Music, ethnic food, fashion vendors, and unique art surrounded us. We ate lunch along the river and spent the next few hours stopping by souvenir booth and stores, myself picking up a shirt, a ring, and a stunning oil painting of London. I think art has quickly become my favorite piece of travel memorabilia. Something original and something I couldn’t buy on Amazon to pretend I just returned from any exotic destination. My apartment walls are getting spoiled.