Silverstein Has All The Answers

The brilliant word designer is back with a new book of poetry! "The Giving Tree" and "Where The Sidewalk Ends" are some of my favorite works by Shel Silverstein and I am so excited his work is being rejuvenated for the existing child demographic. His poems and stories are sentimental and quirky, playing with anecdotes and metaphors in a way children understand with careless ease. 

Silverstein, who started as a cartoonist for Playboy and even wrote "A Boy Named Sue" for Johnny Cash, has many credits to his resume. His work obviously extends past childhood lessons and his greatest skill is relating his rhyme scheme to normally static adult literature. Reading his poems forces our imagination to resurface and his charm is absolutely addictive.

His last poem in "Everything On It" asks,
"When I am gone what will you do?
Who will write and draw for you?"

Then he replies to his own question,
"Someone smarter-someone new?
Someone better-maybe YOU!"

Let's hope his inspiration resonates with others just as it has with us.