Aislin McGuckin: Lady Macbeth in "Macbeth"

I can't start writing about this without getting a "Hell is muuuuuurky!" out of my system. Much better.

Aislin McGuckin, though she revealed her superstitious premonitions, left religion out of her role as Lady Macbeth. Instead she saw Lady Macbeth as instinctive, finding guilt reason enough to transcend her moral landscape. Guilt is more human and her character is often without time for reason. The sleep scene, the most memorable and defining for Lady Macbeth, especially emphasized the effect of this guilt.  Aislin told us it took her six sessions to establish a balance between the explosive and internal nature that exudes from the scene. She considered having the children paint her hands or even walking onto the stage completely naked---anything to emphasize the vulnerability Lady Macbeth succumbs to.

Needless to say, Aislin has a very involved acting style. Like a fish in the sea, she believes the actor is meant to be on stage. "Actors have egos." Aislin confessed she is always striving to do something interesting and fresh for the audience. However she also always realizes she is hired to serve the play...so maybe distracting the audience while naked during Lady Macbeth's sleepwalking scene doesn't pass along the same message she would intend it to. And I'll be the first to say her performance did not need any extra alterations or additions. Aislin was an outstanding Lady Macbeth, making this scene one of the most memorable moments from our entire trip. "She has a void so deep only a crown will fill it," says Aislin of her character. Unfortunately guilt follows this crown, making Shakespeare's Macbeth a play universally transposes to even modern situations.

Aislin ended in comparing acting to therapy. When you become so fully invested in a character and plot, its undeniable how difficult it becomes to let go of the persona you have claimed and performed once the play is over. For this reason, Aislin is not only a fan of massages, but an advocate for care of the mind...including trying not to spend so much time at The Duck :)