Touring Tees

We all love a good graphic tee. They add a pop of color or statement to any outfit and they're usually never suspect of clashing. However as unique as they can make your ensemble, my only problem with graphic tees arises with the handful of mass produced sayings, logos, and pictures. No matter how different, indie, or unique that graphic from Forever 21 looks, they're all the same and who knows how many people are wearing exactly what you are at a given time.

So, if you're going to opt for layering a graphic tee, buy one that means something to you. That's why I love band shirts. Of course you can buy a vintage Led Zeppelin shirt at any chain store as well, and while they are a legendary band, that shirt isn't authentic. My suggestion: purchase a tee from one of your favorite bands that is touring right now. If you feel weird about wearing the shirt without actually attending the concert, you can also buy their basic promotional band tee. Music festivals, like Coachella, are awesome places to find uniquely designed band or singer shirts, but you can also buy online from merchandise stores. I searched for a few of my current favorites and found some awesome graphics that I can wear not only to support the music I love, but to represent a facet of my own interests through style. Even if millions of people are wearing a Radiohead shirt, at least I know their good taste extends beyond their wardrobe :)

Arctic Monkeys Rising Sun T-shirt

The Black Keys Van Shirt

RHCP Handshake Shirt

Radiohead Grey Lightning Tee

Limited Edition Kings of Leon Tee

Foo Fighters Wasting Light T-shirt

The Foals Block Tee

Mumford & Sons Window Boxes T-shirt

The Strokes Flag Tee