Opponents in the Ring

The mind and the heart are two scary entities. Sometimes I feel like the monkey in the middle while reason and emotion are tossing the right answer back and forth. Regret on one hand and possibility on the other. There finally comes a time where the exhaustion and stress cause me to sit down and contemplate what's making the game so difficult.

There's just seems to come a time where the fork in the road is forcing you too choose the high road or the low road...and rarely does Frost's road less-traveled make its appearance as an option. As much as you want to forge your own path as an intermediary decision, some choices can only be committed to either side. I hate the assumption that every choice forces you to give up something in its favor.

Lately I've found myself trying to choose between the safe and the adventure, trying to decide what I could truly regret and what could benefit both my mind and heart. And it's not an easy decision, trust me my venn-diagram agrees. I know I'm not afraid of change but I also know where I want to be. Right now is just a time where the opportunities appear endless and I constantly feel an anxious twinge to start something great. It really does help to write some things out and try to decipher how I really feel about all the ideas swimming around in my mind and feelings racing through my heart...

It's tough to be a referee.