Mission Accomplished

You know those days leading up to a vacation where you work extra hard because you know you're just hours away from rejuvenation? Your hair is a mess but you know it will be free-falling down your back as soon as there's nothing in front of your face to concentrate on. You stress yourself out knowing that the time to shrug your shoulders and throw all care to the wind is just around the corner. There's a constant reminder running across your head that "this will all be over soon."

Well today I sucked it up and put in what felt like every final ounce of effort and courage I had left. Literally my last opportunity to possibly secure a deep breathe and put a smile across my face.

And I did it. I finally accomplished what I have working towards for months past and I was finally able to walk away knowing that better times lie ahead in the tracks. While I still have traces of responsibility drifting across my brow, I know the nucleus of my situation is secure. No more spirals, no more two-fold.

From 100MPH to 15. Hello positivity. Hello closed eyes, warm sun, and peace of mind.
I'll take as many vacation days as I can get.