23 Things

Turning 23 really isn't all that special. But hey, I'm still IN my twenties. Celebrating my birthday brought about some new affirmations, realizations, and aspirations. Here we go...

1. The older you get, the more influential you are to others.
2. It feels much better to be wished "happy birthday" more times in person and in calls/texts than on Facebook.
3. It's okay to have regrets. You also have second chances.
4. I can't remember the last time I was actually embarrassed about something.
5. I'm so lucky to have friends who don't skip a beat no matter how long its been since we last saw each other.
6. The friends I have now are the ones I'll always have.
7. Being "domestic" doesn't mean you would make a good spouse or parent. It means you can take care of yourself.
8. Furthering your education doesn't have to take place at a school.
9. The people who know you best have great suggestions for that "What should I do with my life?" question.
10. There's so much to be seen here in the US. It doesn't have to be Europe or bust.
11. On that note, visit friends who live elsewhere as often as possible.
12. Your city is full of local heroes who deserve the support and recognition.
13. No matter what happens to you, you're not the only one.
14. ...and chances are, it could probably be worse.
15. Write down the little memories that give you that warm clench in your chest. They can mend friendships, relationships, and bad days.
16. Don't be afraid to feel things you aren't familiar and don't know what to do with. They can teach you about your heart.
17. Allow people to help without feeling guilty about it if you know you would do exactly the same for them.
18. It's okay to re-scale those big goals. Feeling accomplished in something small gives you the confidence to approach something bigger.
19. A good friend know when you want to talk about it and when you want to forget about it.
20. Acts of kindness do cause chain reactions in those around you.
21. Youth isn't wasted when you're working hard. Youth is wasted when you can't make the most with what you have.
22. Being honest is the only way you're going to make sense of it.
23. Fantasy can exist in reality.