New Digs

We're finally moving in! My roommates and I found the perfect little house in Santa Barbara, complete with a sliver of an ocean view and a yard the puppy will consider a kingdom. While were still working on completing the basics, I've found some great inspiration on how to make this house our home. While rentals and roommates usually call for a mismatch of hand-me-down furniture and knick-knacks, we've actually been fairly lucky to have built a cohesive collect of furnishings...and although I tend to want to make everything perfect right away, I'm trying to work at a slow and steady place to find and create exactly the right touches. But with dream images and ideas like these, it's hard not to get carried away...

my basic color scheme. white, sand, and pops of color.

branch shelves.

freelance workspace with a multitude of framed art above.

a bowl for the shells and seaglass we find on the beach. 

curtains on curtains on curtains. 

bookcase turned bar.

now accepting colorful pillow donations!

and lawn jenga, because it looks like fun.