The Run-Way

Now that my permanent +1 is an 8-month Australian Shepherd, I've started to embrace the healthy and active lifestyle both her and I should have. It's actually worked out perfectly. Puppies aren't supposed to go on real "runs" until they are done growing at about a year and I'm hardly in any shape to do serious cardio myself. But we've started to do some jogging during our walks and I can already notice the gradual change in my stamina. Come May, I'll be ready for bikini season!

Along with running comes the athletic wardrobe I had yet to own! It's obvious exercise has become another opportunity to make a fashion statement, illustrated via the display windows full of neon tennis shoes and over-sized sports watches. Here's a collection of the favorite pieces I have found thus far. As you can see, I like to color coordinate.

Nike Revolution Running Shoes
Available at Kohl's

Running Tights with Key Pocket
Available at H&M

Cut-Out Active Top
Available at Forever 21
Champion's Seamless Cami Sportsbra
Available at Target

Light Flyer Jacket
Available at Patagonia
Flexi-Expressions Retractable Leash
Available on Amazon
(the puppy has to match too!)