Casa de Cliff

I'm finally feeling settled in Santa Barbara, having the house and my room (almost) all set up. I'm reminded whenever I leave the house how lucky I am. (See view above.) Santa Barbara is such a fulfilling city as I focus on being a happy and healthy person. I'm hoping to share all my favorite aspects via this blog but first and foremost, a little photo tour of "Casa de Cliff," the title we named our wifi and thus our bungalow. I still have a lot of DIY projects in mind but here are some of simple touches. 

A tired-looking London enjoying the apple tree. (She stays away from the lime tree.)

And in other exciting news, I am now an Amazon Associate! I look forward to linking all the products I find and own on this blog and even setting up my own Amazon store where you can browse all my favorite finds. 

Here are some of the products featured above:
1. The Lap Desk is my new best friend for writing in bed. It has a drawer on the side, where I keep my notes and pens, and an adjustable tilt for reading books as well. I'll admit the combination of this bed tray and the cold weather has kept me cozy in bed for a few too many hours...
2. The glass knobs are featured on my bedside dresser, which I will also show a DIY on. 
3. A Union Jack decorative pillow, similar to my own.

1. 2. 3.