The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is one my absolute favorite events of the year. The celebrities, parties, ceremonies...its the seemingly only time of year that the local actors venture down from their Montecito estates to downtown Santa Barbara. You can almost always count on catching a glimpse of one of them while you wait in line at Metro 5 or Fiesta 5 for a film screening. When else does that happen?

This year I'm most excited to fawn over Leonardo DiCaprio as he accepts his award at the Arlington. And then for the remainder of the festival I'll be enjoying all the local films and documentaries in the area...a rare chance to indulge in world class film on our home turf.

More info on the awards and films can be found on the Film Festival website at SBIFF.org

the creme de la creme...
Leonardo DiCaprio for the American Riviera Award

Daniel Day-Lewis for the Montecito Award

Amy Adams for the Cinema Vanguard Award

Jennifer Lawrence for Outstanding Performer of the Year Award

Ben Affleck for Modern Master Award