Fisherman's Catch

Nestled among Oxnard's newest development, off Tradewinds Drive, is a new restaurant called Fisherman's Catch. Owned by a family of multigenerational commercial fisherman, it's hard to dispute a fresh catch when the lobsters, crabs, and fish fillets are proudly on display for customers. 

I'm a huge fan of fish&chips. And at Fisherman's Catch you can actually choose the type of fish you would like to have freshly battered and served with their homemade tartar sauce. Yum! And same goes for their tacos, salad, and sandwiches.

For other seafood fans, there is no shortage of local menu items. The shrimp cocktail, for example, is served with another homemade treat: cocktail sauce. 

"We Catch It, We Sell It, We Serve It." 
Now that's a local premise I'd like to support. And enjoy!

For more information on The Guglielmo family and their menu items, visit here.