Coming Soon: Santa Barbara Public Market

I can't say I've ever been more excited for a coming attraction than I am for the Santa Barbara public market. I'm a huge fan of the farmer's market as it is, but to have an actual market--a hub of local grocery and agriculture--I'm grinning from ear to ear. I see many foodie adventures, afternoons of samplings, recipe lessons, and community education in my future. 

Browsing the view book for the project, I couldn't help but fall victim to the lure of this picturesque schedule for a day inside the market...

A small artisan bakery fires up and readies for the day. The smell of fresh- baked bread wafts out of the building and the Public Market comes alive.
Local farmers and other craftsmen of high quality food arrive and set up shop in permanent stalls, mobile carts and temporary tables. Florists bring in flowers and color fills the space. Chefs come by to meet the farmers and find the day’s fresh ingredients.
Coffee is brewed and roasted onsite by a triple certified roaster and the morning buzz begins. Company managers pick up fresh baked pastries and organic fruits for the day’s meetings. 
Civic leaders, business professionals and local friends gather around the Public Market for a hearty, wholesome breakfast to share the day's news.
A class of elementary school students arrives for an interative workshop on sustainable horticulture and nutrition in the rooftop organic garden. A group gathers outside for farm tours in Carpinteria, Santa Ynez, and Ventura. 
A cooking demonstration begins in the exhibition kitchen. Participants find the latest culinary gadgets and exotic spices and tourists pick up a seasonal picnic of bread, meats, cheese, fruit, wine and pastries for a day at the beach.
Downtown workers descend on the Public Market and lines form out the door for homemade soup, fresh bread, the finest organic salads and homemade gelato. Tortillas come hot off the comal. Cupcakes are packed for late afternoon snacks.
A lecture on organic and sustainably farmed food by a leading author begins and both farmers and local residents come to listen. Special sales for neighbors and low-income families are held within the market.
A young mom stops by to meet friends for coffee while her daughter finishes ballet lessons down the street. She browses the market and picks up a perfect roast and fresh organic local vegetables for the evening meal. She also finds a perfect gift for her sister’s birthday.
Locals rest their weary feet and sip a cup of freshly brewed tea after shopping at the Farmers Market on the street in front of the market. A pint of organic, fresh strawberry ice cream is the last purchase on the list for tonight’s dinner.
A biodynamic wine and artisan cheese event draws friends and neighbors in to sample the season’s fare. An elegant dinner is served for those on their way to the theater. Handmade fair trade truffles from the boutique chocolatier are the perfect ending to a spectacular meal.
Volunteers from several charitable agencies arrive to pick up unsold food for distribution to local families in need. The doors roll down, and the lights go out...until tomorrow. 

Enjoy the vision book, here.