Frugal Festival Fashion

As much as I would love to buy every piece of my Coachella ensembles at Free People or LF, I know I'm not the only one who had to conjure up money just to pay for a ticket. And its no secret that picking out what to wear at Coachella can be just as exciting/stressful as comparing your coachooser choices to the set times. That's why this year I tried to shop on a budget and recycle some of my favorite pieces while searching the racks at my most dependable stores. And I was rather successful! I found a great crop top I already want to wear with every pair of shorts I own, some lightweight and floral shorts, and a little bag that will hold all my essentials while I dance the days away.

Back to making bracelets and finding the best way to style unwashed hair! :)

crossover ballet top, Pacsun
challis shorts, Target
Relic Avondale bag, Kohls
bracelets, handmade