Crying Lightning

I was shocked when I heard the Arctic Monkeys were playing a show in Ventura. "Ventura? Are you sure?" Tickets were only $25, so its no surprise they were sold out by the time I got to my computer. Still, I was determined to go. At such a small venue, I knew it would be my favorite performance by them if I could just get a ticket. Doors opened at 8PM with a line wrapping around the block and tickets sitting on Craigslist for $100. At 8:30PM, we walked up, ran into a man with 2 tickets that he offered us for $20 each. "Are you sure??" Needless to say, I bought that man a drink as soon as we got in the door. It was such a fun and intimate show, the acoustics were so much stronger than Coachella or the other large venues I have heard them play at. The band surprised us by playing favorites like "Old Yellow Bricks" and "The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala." But I was overcome with happiness when they played my own top tracks, "Pretty Visitors" and "Crying Lightning." Who can argue that "What came first: the chicken or the dick-head?" isn't one of the greatest one-liners in music? Overall a wonderful show with great friends and hearing the Brit's pronounce "Ven-chura" over and over was a pleasure in itself. 
 {waved their arms and cast a shadow of a snake-pit on the wall}

Here's some videos I took: