The Dip-Dye Solution

Like most college students and recent graduates, my furniture is all second-hand. I'm eternally grateful for the table I eat breakfast on, the coffee table that holds my picture books, and the chairs that I often fall asleep in while reading. I would do all these things on the floor otherwise. However that's not to say they couldn't use a little updating. My couch and matching chair is actually in very good condition and made of white fabric. The problem is: white fabric. The solution WAS: slipcovers. But even the slipcovers have become a little grungy and discolored. I would take them off completely, but I still have a puppy in most senses of the personality, so it's simply not an option.

But I wanted to update the two pillow covers on the chair since the couch boasts of its own turquoise and grey decorations. I decided to the best solution would be to try dyeing them. I didn't want them to be all one color but I didn't want a funky mess of tie-dye either, so I chose to dip-dye!

Using Rit dye in teal, I attempted an ombre dip and a striped dip. And I actually really loved the results. In fact, I had to exercise some self-control from dip-dyeing every piece of fabric in my house.

For the ombre pillow, I submerged most of the cover and pulled out a couple inches at about 3 minute intervals. For the stripes, I simply folded the pillowcase in half over a hanger and dipped it for about 5 minutes.

Watch out curtains, you're next!

{my discolored and utterly unattractive pillowcase}
 {the dyeing process}