Considering Kurbits

The photo above is of the interior walls of my great great (great) grandfather's house, currently on display at Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden. Every section is hand painted with traditional Swedish design, which has always captivated me. And believe it or not, I only recently found out that the beautiful flower design that you will find on most swedish art are called "kurbits."

I've caught myself brainstorming a way to incorporate a bit of the traditional pattern into a modern design, whether it be through fashion, home interiors or furniture. Of course, I scoured Pinterest to see how designers are currently pulling inspiration from the kurbits and found several, beautiful designs. From traditional clogs to gorgeous longboards, kurbits are decorating some fun and creative pieces. I'm still thinking about how I can make the folk pattern my own, but I'll admit I'm leaning towards leather projects or hand embroidery.